Vedic Remedies

Your Date of birth defines

Your Future

Numbers Ruling Planet Personality Traits Nature of Planet
1 will enjoy great success with the people around them; they will be rewarded with positive reinforcement throughout their existence
King, Masculine, Royal, Individualistic, Ego, Intelligence, Truthful, Structure, Original, Cruel, Image-conscious, Attention-seeking, power hungry, political mind, Stable, proud, the supporter of arts and tradition
2 is a messenger of universal truth and healing to others; they will share discernment and guidance
Queen, Royal, Feminine aspect, Caring, Sensitive, Ever-changing, Creativity and Arts. Traditionally has a Supportive function, Loves being at home, Diplomatic, Waxing and Waning hence moody, Clever, Think on their feet
3 is a person who will inspire others through their grand vision; they will help the society using creative means
Teacher, Talkative, Creative, Prime-minister, Giver, Deep knowledge on particular subjects rather than knowing little on many subjects, weakness for sex, happy, independent, positive, religious/spiritual, creative, critical, masculine
4 will change the existing conditions and will take a new and different approach to creating new realities
Unpredictable, rebellious, disrespectful, materialistic, practical, antagonistic, accident-prone, disciplined, devoted, out-of-the-box, unconventional, neutral gender, non-conformist, secretive in Vedic numerology Chart
5 will have the gift of communication; they will help transform what is dull and ordinary into something elegant and refined
Youthful, prince/princesses, communicative, good at business, neutral gender, problem to maintain relationships, bored easily, nervous, problem to concentrate, easily distracted, can come across as superficial, not so great health, intelligent, entertaining
6 is kind and encouraging; they have the gift for creating comforting environments
Slow, female, luxury, beauty, lacks discipline, poor health, love the good things in life, problem to say “no” to people, problems in relationships, pleasing, sensual, romantic
7 is philosophical and meditative; they will contribute to the world with their reflections
Spiritual, directionless (no head only body), philosophical, artistic, creative, writers, doubting nature, detached, occult, suspicious nature, neutral gender, intuitive, inventive, obsessive, always asking the question, “why”
8 is someone who will impart great changes in the world; they will enjoy great renown and wealth
King-Maker, Servant, likes to do monotonous jobs, represents the masses, justice-seeking, unfortunate in the materialistic sense, occult, mystic, slow, good judge of other people, depressive outlook, dark, neutral gender, wise
9 is a hard worker; they will never surrender and they will love without qualifications
Action, warrior, idealistic, direct in their talk, no-nonsense, energetic, like sports, commander-in-chief, auspicious, live their spirituality instead of talking about it, masculine, strong, love to say “no”